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Innovative design that Works

Websites that are well designed are like having you in person. Questions are answered. And by the time they contact you, they are ready to buy.

Too many websites are fluff and don't show you what your business is all about.

WordPress or hTML?

    1. IF you want to change your photos often and have a photo editing program
    2. IF you want to write regular blogs yourself
    3. IF you change your text often - ie, have an online store you keep updated with stock and products

- fair enough, then WordPress' back end entry makes it easier for you.

But if you have a site and it isn't changing much, or you don't feel comfortable with changes and want your designer to do them for you, an html site is easier, cleaner, faster and more flexible. AND less vulnerable to attacks. THIS template I used for my site is from i3Dtemplates and they design in html, then convert the design to WordPress. More info to come ... give us photos, your logo, some text (in a file - don't make us type it, we're not fast typists). And we'll come up with concepts our quote. If you are in business, you can't afford not to have good website.