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Recycled paper

1 tonne paper = 4 cubic metres of landfill

Every tonne of paper recycled can save up to 17 trees

The little paper book about how to make a big difference enviromentally with paper” by the Australian Conservation Foundation in 2002 is the most comprehensive information I can find.

In 2002 (it could be different now) producing one tonne of recycled paper saves:

• 4 cubic metres of landfill
• 4100 kilowatt/hours of electricity
• 75% of chlorinated bleach
• 27 kilos of air pollutants
• 13 trees
• 31,780 litres of water
• 2.5 barrels of oil

Long ago I found the savings broken down to the ream - 500 sheets of A4 paper - from several sources. Steinbeis printed slightly higher stats on their ream wraps for years. I noticed the statistics vanished, but I still have my old poster graphics:


Today I am not allowed to use these statistics in my TV ad - the FCC wants the research. Who would have thought this would be so contraversial?

Spicers Paper loved my poster and my rep hung it above the paper samples in the Spicers Papers office for years.

Print is the most effective marketing - but some invisible force is pushing plantation paper in Australia. Not so in Europe - their mills produce lots of beautiful recycled paper.