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Recycled Paper - choices

Buffalo Board is nOT recycled

I hear about firms passing Buffalo Board as recycled weekly. "But it looks recycled!" It IS food grade packaging, but not recycled.

We have our favourites - and lots of other options.

Australian Recycled -A4 & A3 80gsm Bond

Six or seven years ago Australian Paper was bought by the Japanese. About four years ago I received a survey - would I buy recycled paper? and they decided to build a state of the art mill in Maryvale. Last year my rep showed me their new 80gsm bond.

The mill sends their trucks into the Melbourne CBD and they pick up 100% post-consumer waste. From that they make a high quality recycled paper! I've run it Australian Paper through my off-set and through my digital press - by the thousands. Herman, my printer with 25 years experience, says it's good paper.

Very smooth, slightly off-white - feel good paper. Contact us about special deals if you want to buy it by the box (5 reams) or in bulk.

Impact 80gsm A4

This paper is described in more detail below, but it is a high qualtiy A4 sheet for quality books. It is twice the price of the Australian recycled above.

Steinbeis COLOUR A4 80gsm

Available in 8 colours: Bright Green, Orange, Fushia, Yellow, Blue

and Pale: Pink, Blue and Tan (salmon)

A relatively inexpensive colour sheet excellent for photocopying - and it still stands out.

Envirocare - 150gsm & 300gsm in stock


Impact - 90, 150, 190, 300 and 350gsm in stock

Both these papers are made in a mill in Austria - it's the only two papers the mill makes. They use the grid to get up and running in the morning, then produce their own electricity and the excess heats the schools in the village. Nothing goes to the tip - it is either on-sold to used in-house. They purify the water so that in may be returned to the creek behind the mill. And they own forests in Guatemala to off-set the transportation carbon to Brisbane where it arrives carbon neutral.

Evirocare is off-white cream colour and is made from 70% post consumer and 30% pre-consumer waste. As the mill's first paper, it is our favourite. There is something about the colour of the paper that deepens the colour of the print - there is no other word that describes the difference.

Impact is near-white colour (through in a sunbleaching process) and is made from 100% post-consumer waste. The paper was introduced about 8 years ago. Impact has more weight options.

These are quality recycled papers. AND both are economically priced.

ReVive Fleck

Australian 100% recycled - 220gsm - in 4 colours. I have Spilt Milk in stock.

My reps tell me flecky paper is not "in" - but I'm often asked for it. ReVive Fleck is a beautiful, high quality - but it's expensive. I've bought quite a bit on sale and will not charge you the excess - while supplies last.

Freelife Vellum - 220gsm

This is a rich creamy colour with a velety touch. I love this paper. 220gsm is an odd weight in Australia. Often used overseas as business cards, it isn't heavy enough for Australians. But for small booklets that are self covered, this is an elegant stock.

Enviroboard 230gsm & 335gsm

Enviroboard, 100% Australian recycled, is packing material with a rough texture, and doesn't print evenly, adding to its charm. We've printed business cards, menus, boxes.

Because it isn't mean to be printed on, it is a more pure recycled stock - without all the processes.

Desert Storm - 118 and 270gsm

This is beautiful, flecky brown paper made in America. It used to be 100% recycled, but they've changed the formula and it is now 30% recycled. I will continue to stock it because several clients love it.

My graphic artist's roommate bought our customer's BeeEco Wraps packaged with Desert Storm and said to her, "This paper is beautiful!" She smiled back and said, "Yes, I know. That's ours. We make it."

The paper is very expensive - about 3 times more than Impact & Envirocare.

Blue Jean paper - 90gsm

(while supplies last)

I have about 50 reams of recycled blue jean paper - 100% cotton and made from the scraps swept up off the manufacting floor. Normally, outragiously expensive, but I bought these reams on sale.