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Self-Publishing & Paperback Books

So you've written a book - Now what?

All artists put themselves out there

So any of us can do it, too

After being married to a professiona writer, l learned nearly first hand how the professional publishing houses do it. A writer has to read their own book many, many times before it is published.


Over the years of making paperback books, we have found what works well. OUR books are strong and beautiful now. It's been a learning curve.

Family biographies, cookbooks, novels, Poetry, full colour Photo books, children's books

Give us the word doc, we lay it out and print you a proof. Something about having an actual book in your hand is different than reading it on your computer screen or in manuscript. With a book in your hand, you become a "reader" of your own work - and it's a different experience. Almost new.

BUT - be confident. If someone tells you something isn't right, it's OK to disagree with them. It's YOUR book, your art, your name on the cover. I've seen proof-readers nearly ruin books. So analyse their comments. AND ALWAYS keep a backup.

Have a go. Why not. Only a handful can make a living out of writing. But that doesn't mean your book should not be written. It will unleash so much you never knew existed in you.

Don't bring it to me until you think it is complete and near perfect. Then the quantity, size and number of pages determines the price.