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Graphic Design

Innovative Design That Pops

We can make you look corporate, earthy, organic, chic urban or old style. 
We make the look of what your business will become.

  • A well designed brochure should...

    A lovely woman walked in without an appointment and said, "I've been doing my own marketing for 10 years and I've decided I need to look more professional." We designed business cards and brochures, with minimum print runs. She loved them. She came back smiling ear to ear six months later for reprints and said, "I can't believe it. My classes are full and everyone treats me with so much respect - and it's all because of the brochures and business cards."

    She's modest. She had 10 years experience and knowledge. She followed up our branding with excellence. Our role is to bring the customers to you once. From there, you have to do the final sale - and make them feel welcome to come back again.

    Give us your best high resolution photos, your logo, some text (in a file - don't make us type it, we're not fast typists). I've had customers work on their brochure for weeks, and then within an hour we can bring it up to the next level. The more you put into it, the faster we can assemble and design it.

    If you are in business, you can't afford not to have good design. At just $80 per hour.

    When you're proud of your printed colateral, you give them to everyone. Isn't that what marketing is about?