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Green Printery

Small with Heaps of Finishing Equipment and Heaps of Recycled Paper

From Maleny to Caloundra ...

Environmental Printing was our ethos when I bought a the little Maleny copy centre 10 years ago. The presses was good, but the little bit of finishing equiptment was old and we started upgrading. From a new paper drill, then air suction folding machine, celloglazing/laminator, perfect binding, booklet maker, electric spiral binder, rounded corners ... and more.

My visiting sales reps tell me I'm unique with my wide variety of finishing equipment. I get thrown curve balls all the time.

  • Can you make counter stands? (yes)
  • Can you make chocolate boxes - printed and die cut? (yes)
  • Can you make 6 panel A4 brochures? (yes)

We love variety. And challenges.

"It looks so professional" ... well, yes ... we are the pros!

  1. Marketing - from the ground up
  2. Design - creative and functional
  3. Print - environmentally on recycled paper
  4. Websites - thorough, as they should be

Our FUN ...

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Short Bio About Brenda

I bought my first computer in 1983 and my neighbour acquired a little A4 press with a plate maker. And we started a little local newspaper for a very small town. It was awful. Absolutely awful. And I became interested in what makes things look good on the page.

A few years later we had moved to Colorado and I was authoring CBT (Computer Based Training) for the US Air Force. It was code written in UNIX. The USAF had lots of money for $1M computers and lots of design rules - colours, spacing, grammar. And I started my second MA in Educational Technology.

Next thing I found myself doing computer tech support for a peripheral manufacturer. I climbed the corporate ladder. One thing about being a woman in a men's only club was learning to break barriers by being very good. After a stint in Europe running the tech office there - and with a bit of cheek, I was soon the International Retail Business Development Manager for our company. Hewlett Packard bought us. And the top marketing companies in the world banged on our doors. We followed the techniques of Crossing the Chasm - and the author, Geoffrey Moore, presented to us - twice. There were others as well - an education that couldn't be found in any university.

When we were releasing CD Writer - 1x , the first in the world - we hired a top marketing research company from New York City. Their presentation included techniques on how they developed the research to determine the best way to promote and sell our new product. I also worked closely with the product manager on this. My stores were the first to have it on their shelves. (It wasn't the way to win friends with the "boys club".)

Nothing's changed. It's simple, and hard work if you know the techniques.

Then our family moved back to Australia and I ran a small marketing company in Bundaberg QLD - a bit of print, and lots of websites. Due to asthma, I moved to Maleny. I live in the forest near the top of a high mountain.

And bought this little print shop that was open 4.5 days a week, not too hard. But I have to tinker. Some call it a driven, type A personality.

Making the PRINT GREEN became my new passion.