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marketing from the ground up

break marketing down into small steps
• where are you today •
• where do you want to be •

There are many roads - and not one is perfect. Take the first step.

10 years of printing, and we’re still learning about more cool stuff Environmental GREEN Printing


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There's a balance between LAYOUT DESIGN and FUNCTIONALITY

Is your artwork awesome, but no one can read it? Does it FUNCTION?

esthetically pleasing but misses the mark poster

For instance, this information is meant to shock.

A well designed poster. AND the message, the impact, is missed. The purpose - SHOCK AND HORROR - is skipped over.

These posters are about the utter waste of using trees to make paper. Same information. Both arty. But one communicates the information instantly.

Good design is a balance between Purpose, Functionality and Artistic Flair. In that order.

Our Top 12 Reasons to choose Green Printery!

Fast turnaround

We KNOW Marketing

Committed to Excellence

Ethical - Honest

Design - Creative

Personal Service

Recycled Paper

Design - Functional

Licensed Images

Green Print

Free Delivery

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I had forgotten how much I love doing them. And Erin, my right arm, wants to learn html after working with WordPress. She said, "you have so much more control in html!" She helped me find the social icons linked in an online directory. AND, after research, WordPress is NOT better for search engines. It's all in the words - these words - on the page.

Websites are not just about coding - websites are your business plans online - doors open for business NOW - lots of photos - the right balance of text for your readers and for search engines.

Website design is not about a foundation structure the buyer has to fill in themselves.

We are here to help you get a functioning, purposeful, artistically pleasing website - each step of the way.

    1. You provide photos.
    2. You answer questions, we write, you edit, we edit, you final edit.

We help you BE YOUR BEST!




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